Low calorie tortilla pizza

Delicious pepperoni and feta tortilla pizza


- 1 Tortilla wrap 

- 1 tbsp Sundried tomato paste

- Pepperoni slices

- 20g Feta cheese 

- Bell pepper 

- 20g Low fat cheddar cheese 

- Piccolo tomatoes 

- Jalapeños 


Place your wrap onto a baking tray. Spread your tomato paste all around the wrap and then top with your grated cheddar cheese. 

Add your peppers, tomatoes, pepperoni, jalapeno's and then sprinkle your feta cheese all over. 

Place in a fan oven at 190 degrees for 11-13 minutes. 


Calories - 532

Protein - 16

Carbs - 42

Fat - 31