Feta and chorizo eggy breakfast

Scrambled eggs with a Spanish flare


3 eggs 

25g low fat feta cheese

15g chopped chorizo 

100g baby spinach 

Piccolo cherry tomatoes 

2 slices of bread 

10g lighter butter  

Fry light spray


Scramble 3 eggs in a frying pan using fry light spray. 

Once ready, sprinkle feta and chopped chorizo over your eggs and mix in.

Heat the spinach separately in the microwave with a tiny drop of water for 90 seconds.

Decorate the rest of your plate with your cherry tomatoes and buttered bread.

To lower the calories, chuck away a slice of bread.


Calories - 581

Protein - 37g

Carbs - 41g 

Fats - 31g