About Oli

As important as it is for personal trainers to get to know their clients, it’s equally as important for clients to know and trust their trainer

So hey, I’m Oli

I’ve been personal training in Essex for 10 years, and here’s where it began.

I started off gym training by the age of 16 due to my young semi pro football days. Insecure about how I looked. Worrying about eating ‘clean’. Trying to find that special secret to the dream body. My interest in fitness grew and I decided to become a trainer.

Years of learning and working with all different types of people. People who have tried dieting from all angles. People who are self-conscious and unhappy. People who are lost and confused due to fitness influences selling their best secret.

This became more than just a career for me. Helping people get in great shape and watching them grow (and shrink) became a huge passion of mine.

So now you know a bit more about me and my story. Yours is just waiting to be written… 
Chapter one starts here.