Kevin Knight

In 6 months Kevin went from 253lb to 190lb and a 38 inch waist to a 32 waist

Kevin Knight

Personalised workouts

I have been training with Oli 2-3 per week for 6 months and continue to do so. Receiving regular personalised workouts and nutritional advice, I could not ask for better results. With Oli's help, I've lost 4 and half stone, feeling fit and healthy and full of confidence.

New goals

When starting off, I was barley able to run, now I can run 2.5km in under 12 minutes. I'm being set new goals every month and not once have I came to a plateau. I'm constantly being congratulated on my success from friends, family and even strangers. If your bored of the gym, or not seeing the results you want, Oli is definitely the man to help you reach your goals and make the deadliest workouts fun!